AVHS Vim, Vigor and Victory!❤


Hello guys!😊 How are you feeling right now? Today I am going to share to you my second blog that talks about Aklan Valley High School, Vim Vigor and Victory or simply our Intramural💪which helps develop the talent ,skills and showcase the sportsmanship of a valleyzens💕.Vim Vigor and Victory was held last August 16, 17,18 and 20 at ABL sports complex Kalibo, aklan and at AVHS campus.
Before the event started, the Avhs students were gathered together by levels outside the ABL complex for the parade, in which the SSG officers are the one leading and holding the banner of Aklan valley high school. Every level represents a color, the Grade 7 (freshmen) represents color green, Grade 8 (sophomore) represents color yellow, Grade 9 (juniors) represents color blue, Grade 10 (seniors) represents color red, Grade 11 ( vanguards) represents color maroon while the Grade 12 ( commanders) represents color gray.

Cheers and shout begin after hearing up a loud BOOM! Coming from the drums patting its body. BOOM! BOOM! and followed by other instruments. The streets were filled with balloons waving up in the air, some vehicles and a noisy yet enjoyed crowd cheering and shouting their teams not minding how loud the sounds are. After the parade, the emcee welcome all the audience that includes some parents,alumni, other students from different schools and ofcourse the valleyzens. As we reach our seats we did pray and sing the national anthem.
Do you have any tradition that you practiced daily? Every month? Or you can say once a year? Well Aklan valley does. Every intramurals, before the event started, each level need to choose a 2 representative to be their muse and  escort who will raise their flags, it includes the flag of avhs which was raised by our beloved principal. After that, lighting of torch followed, which are usually done by team captains of basketball by year level.
After that, Teacher Lina delivered her opening remarks and followed by the real event yeyyy!

Search and cheerdance competition❤

After eating our lunch we head to our campus to participate. My twin sister and I represents the team Vanguards in table tennis and we won! Yey!🎉 August 21 is the last day, awarding and the commanders got the overall champion. 1st place for the seniors and 2nd place for the vanguards. That's all for today see you in my next blog😘💕 Take care! Lovelots💕


Travel buddy

Hi guys! This is my first ever blog, hope you like it! So today I want to share to you one of my interest. Well, one of my favorite thing to do is to travel❤. Travelling is our dream and goal of my twin sister. I want to travel around the globe together with my family, friends, cousins and especially my bestfriend, best buddy ever and at the same time my enemy😂 that’s my twin sister actually😊💕. I want to travel with them to create another amazing memories , to bond and to spend time having fun with them. It is nice to see the genuine smiles of your parents, how they’re face showed how happy they are. My twin sister and I had planned to travel around the world, one of our goals yeyy!❤ But wen we reach our legal age where we can do the things we wanted like what we had planned. Also where we can yield our own needs without any financial help of our parents just like visa, transportation, passport, foods, hotels, pocket money and all. We wanted to visit the beautiful islands here in the philippines❤. Like Palawan, Batanes, Baguio, Surigao, Boracay, Cebu , Guimaras name it all! Puerto princesa is one of the falls in Palawan we want to visit. We wanted to visit Baguio because of its cold weather😂. When talking about which country we wanted to explore outside the philippines Korea , Japan, Singapore, London and Paris are in our list. Actually Korea is our dream place of my twin sister we want to visit Namsan tower yieee!💕 I can’t imagine travelling all by myself huhuh😨 luckily I have my best buddy! I am so lucky to have my twin sister❤. She never leave my side during ups and downs. We planned together for our future, set goals to bond with each other. I am so lucky😊. WE actually are all lucky to have our family who’s always there for us no matter what😊. Well that’s all for today guysss!😊 see you in my next blog. Lovelots❤